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Here is a list of questions we don't have answers for. These questions are logged during our weekly studygroup and posted here for future reference. As answers are aquired and posted here, the questions will be turned into links that will take you to the answer to that question.

list of questions

  1. what distro's have speakup built into the kernel?
  2. What Distro's/kernel's require separate installation or need the download from to function.
  3. How do we get LS to just show directories?
  4. With most new students running our VMs with NAT, making our machines not visible to other computers on our internal network, can we still use servers such as a web server that someone can access from the internet?
  5. If our VM is using NAT, can we use port forwarding on our routers to allow internet traffic to reach our Linux server?
  6. Can bridged networking be used with a completely wireless network?
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